AV Ohjain Symterix ARC-2e, myyntierä 1 KPL

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The ARC-2e is a menu-driven remote control for Symetrix DSPs. Tap into the full power of your system with twenty-four (24) menus with up to sixteen (16) items each that can be used to address multiple basic functions or initiate complex logic-based control events: gain, preset triggering, source selection, room combining and more. The 8-character backlit display supports up to thirty-one (31) scrolling characters, providing instant user feedback for control assignments, default settings, and actions. The three buttons help you navigate menus, raise or lower values, and enable or disable the remote control. All control assignments, including item labeling, parameter limits and firmware version upgrades are handled by software included with Symetrix DSP hardware. Power, and control are connected via RJ45 inputs.

Intuitive Navigation: Pressing the menu button navigates through the menu names. The menu button also acts as a presettrigger when a preset list is scrolled. The up/down arrow buttons adjust parameter settings and scroll through preset lists. Holding the menu button and using the up/down arrow keys moves you forward or backward through the menus.

Programmable Setup: The wall panel’s behavior is programmable as well. Menu brightness in “active” and “inactive” states can be set independently, so the display will “sleep” in light-sensitive environments such as theaters. If the ARC-2e goes idle, it can scroll a message and return to the top of its menu tree. Upper and lower parameter limits help contain the range of adjustment and a button press lockout will prevent tampering by curious but unauthorized fingers. The ARC-2e features a white plastic faceplate and is powered directly by its host device. An external power supply (PS-6) and aluminum faceplate are accessories sold separately.

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