Axis M7011, myyntierä 1 KPL

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Cost-effective, easy integration

AXIS M7011 is a small, yet effective single-channel video encoder. It offers easy and cost-effective integration of analog CCTV cameras into an IP-based video surveillance system.

Easy installation

The video encoder is suitable for all analog camera types, both fixed and pan/tilt/zoom cameras. Powered using PoE, the same Ethernet cable is used for both data and power, making installation flexible and easy.

Reduced bandwidth and storage

AXIS M7011 provides excellent H.264 performance in a small package, without any limitation of the number of individually configured video streams. The H.264 video compression format drastically reduces bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising image quality. Motion JPEG is supported for increased flexibility. The video encoder also features a card slot for edge storage with microSD cards or NAS (Network-Attached Storage). AXIS Camera Companion and AXIS Video Hosting System are also supported.

Videon enimmäisresoluutio: 720 × 576 pixels
Suurin kuvataajuus: 30 fps
Videon pakkausformaatit: H.264,M-JPEG
Liikkuvan JPEG-kuvan kuvataajuus: 30 fps
MPEG-4 kuvanopeus: 30 fps
NTSC resoluutiot: 720 × 480 pixels
PAL resoluutiot: 720 × 576 pixels
Tekniset tiedot

PTZ-hallinta (Pan/Tilt/Zoom)

Kiertokulma: 270°
Sisäinen muisti: 256 MB
Flash-muisti: 256 MB
Niputettu ohjelmisto: AXIS Camera Companion, AXIS Camera Station
Tuotteen väri: Blue

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