HDMI/HDBT/USB lähetin/vast.otin Wyrestorm EX-100, myyntierä 1 KPL

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Class C HDBaseT
Featuring the powerful HDBaseT 2.0 specification, UHD video & audio, Ethernet, control, USB and PoH are sent over distances of 100m/328ft. VESA recognized DSC adds lossless compression for HDMI & DP++ signals up to 18Gbps.

HDMI 2.0 Maxed Out!
Sporting an 18Gbps HDMI input, the EX-100-H2-PRO can support all UHD video signals up to and including 2160p 4:4:4/60, and high frame-rate HDR 12bit 4:2:2 up to 60Hz, along with multichannel audio up to DTS:X and Dolby Atmos.

USB 2.0 Passthrough
HDBaseT™ 2.0 affords the addition of USB 2.0 pass-through, offering not only KVM functionality for extension of a keyboard/mouse or touchscreen but also full data transfer capabilities of 480Mbps for webcams or USB peripherals.

Bidirectional Audio Lane
Two separate audio feeds can also be sent bidirectionally. All possible thanks to a dedicated audio pass-through that allows a 2ch analog signal to be transmitted and received at either end, completely independent of the HDMI signal.

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