Symetrix ARC-K1e seinään asennettava säädin, myyntierä 1 KPL

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Tilaustuote, toimitusaika n.5 työpäivää

The ARC-K1e modular remote control wall panel features a push-button rotary encoder that provides simple control of two parameters in the Symetrix DSP hardware. The 8-segment LED ladder on the ARC-K1e provides instant user feedback, clearly showing relative volume level. Two additional LEDs illuminate to indicate which of the two available controls is active. All control assignments, including parameter limits and firmware version upgrades, are handled by the software included with Symetrix DSP hardware. A single channel RJ45 connection provides power and data to the ARC-K1e. ARC-K1e has an “idle” mode option for light-sensitive environments like theaters. Hardware lockout pins accomodate an installer supplied key switch. Furnished with a standard white single gang Decora® faceplate and splash resistant overlay.

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